Music lessons to suit you

Individual music lessons

It’s never too late to start music lessons – and with Kittiwake you design your own learning plan.

I specialise in teaching adults, both beginners and returners.  I have successfully taught people from the age of three to over 80.

Would you like to:
play the keyboard that’s sitting in your attic?
go back to the piano after giving it up as a teenager?
play one song you love on the piano?
take graded exams and get a certificate?
sing with more confidence?
learn to listen to the classics and tell the difference between Brahms and Bartok?
busk along to songs on the keyboard like you can on the guitar?
read and write music?
write down songs you have written?
get extra help with GCSE Music?

Give us a call and start your musical journey today.

Group lessons

Group lessons can be arranged by request:

Keyboard, voice and piano can be learnt in groups of two or three.

Elastic band – getting together to play whatever motley assortment of instruments you have

Notes and queries – music notation: how it works, why it’s useful and not that scary.